Holiday cottages De Noorddijk

Holiday cottages between Bruges and the Belgian coast

Privacy declaration

Version of May 11th 2018. Regularly take a look at this page for the latest version.

We, family Van Loocke from "Holiday cottages De Noorddijk” situated in Blankenbergse Dijk Noord 13 in 8377 Zuienkerke in Belgium take you privacy very seriously.

Our privacy policy is in line with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of May 24th 2016.

The following text describes our privacy policy.

1. Stipulations applying if you never made a booking.

This chapter covers the case in which you contact us with a question concerning our holiday cottages (e.g. about the availability).

1.1 Which personal data do we store?

1.1.1 Personal data we need to answer your question
1.1.2 Personal data we don't ask you but that you give us anyway

1.2 Why do we store this personal data?

1.3 How long do we store this personal data?

Three weeks after we received your personal data we will ask you if we can keep your personal data for 3 years and if we can contact you maximum twice per year for marketing purposes.
If you don't react within one week after this demand we remove your personal data.
If you react positively on this demand then we will ask you this every three years. From the moment you don't react within a week, we will remove your personal data.

2. Stipulations applying from the moment you make a booking.

2.1 Which personal data do we store?

2.2 Why do we store this personal data?

2.3 How long do we store this personal data?

  • We have a legal obligation (Belgian law of 27/04/2007) to store your surname, the surname of your partner, your address, the fist names and dates of birth of your travelling companions until 7 years after your last departure.
  • Unless you request us to delete these we will also store your other personal data (phone-numbers, email addresses, language and IP-addresses) until 7 years after your last departure.

    Exception: if during the last 3 years of those 7 years you contact us then we will keep your personal data until 3 years after the date on which you last contacted us.

    2.4 Guestbook

    In every holiday cottage there is a guestbook. If you write anything in this guestbook then everybody that comes after you in the holiday cottage can read what you wrote. We can type this text and safe it in a secure way. If we have your email address then we can ask you by email if we can publish your text on our website. In this email we will inform you about the other data that we will add to this text. These are the surnames and first names you used to sign your text, the village or city and country where you live and the name of the holiday cottage in which you stayed. If you react positively on our request then we will safe this email and we can publish your text on our website.

    2.5 Pictures

    If we take a picture of you or of one of your travelling companions then we only store this picture if you agree that we do this. We only publish this picture after your written agreement. We will store this written agreement.
    The same applies for pictures you give us.

    3. General stipulations.

    3.1 Don't pass data to third parties

    With the exception of the following cases we don't give of sell your personal data to third parties.

    3.2 Technical and organisational measures

    We take the technical and organisational measures to ensure that the treatment of your personal data is done is a secure way and we demand the same from third parties who treat you personal data for us. An example of such a third party is the company that hosts our website.

    3.3 What are your rights?

    3.4 How to exercise your rights

    To exercise your rights towards “Holiday Cottages De Noorddijk”, you only have to send an email to

    If you don't have an email address then you can exrcise your rights by sending a request to "Vakantiewoningen De Noorddijk", Blankenbergse Dijk Noord 13, 8377 Zuienkerke, Belgium.

    The following items have to be mentioned in your letter: your surname, address and phonenumber. We also need a copy of the front-side of your identity card. This way we avoid the risk that the request comes from somebody else. After treatment of your request we will destroy your letter as well as the copy of your identity card. If you contact us this way we will respond with a letter.

    3.5 Cookies

    Our website uses session-cookies. Such a cookie contains a unique number. Linked to this number are a small amount of information that is stored temporarily (the duration of your session) on the computer that hosts our website. This information is used if you ask another page in our website.

    In the screen of the availability the session-cookie is used to store the last date you selected. If you then go to the page of a cottage you can return to that same date in the availability-page. Without a session-cookie this wouldn't be possible and you would have to select that date again.

    These session-cookies can not be read by other websites and will not be used to sell advertising.